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Our History

Delve into Prince of Peace's 150 Years of Community and Service, dating back to the mid-19th century in Over-the-Rhine.

One Church, Two Schisms, Three Names

In 1849, a small group of members left the German Evangelical Zion Church to form Trinity Lutheran Church, which has since evolved into the beloved Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.


The church building, constructed in 1871 with a Gothic architectural style, is a historic landmark that has stood the test of time. Despite being split by a schism in 1904, the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church persisted and eventually reconciled with Emmaus Lutheran Church to form Concordia Lutheran Church in 1927.

A newspaper clipping of Prince of Peace, formerly Trinity Evangelical Church.
Newspaper clippings of Trinity Evangelical Church, highlighting the historic Sanctuary.

Newspaper clippings of Trinity Evangelical Church (1871-1927), highlighting the historic Sanctuary and exterior building on Race Street.

A newspaper clipping of Trinity Evangelical Church (1871-1927) on Race Street.

An image of Concordia Lutheran Church (1927-1969) in 1948. The sanctuary is decorated with flowers for Easter service.

An image of Concordia Lutheran Church (1927-1969) in 1948. The sanctuary is decorated with flowers for Easter service.

Uniting through Service

In 1969, a peaceful separation between Concordia and the Race Street Remnant resulted in the formation of the current Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.


With the transition, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church initiated an outreach program to serve the Greater Cincinnati area with the help of volunteers from the Prince of Peace Volunteers, inspired by the organization of the Federal Peace Corps.


Prince of Peace continues to serve the community with its various ministries.

Volunteers sit under a tent on Race Street during an outreach event in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Volunteers prepare food in the Prince of Peace Church kitchen

Volunteers prepare meals for community members in the Prince of Peace kitchen.

Members of the congregation smile with Pastor John during a Cincinnati Outreach event,

Members of the Prince of Peace congregation smile outside of the church for an outreach event.

Restoring our Sanctuary

The restoration campaign, launched in 2014, was a success, and the first event held in the renovated sanctuary was a concert in 2016, followed by the Easter Vigil Service. Although the church is still seeking to restore its unique pipe organ, we remain steadfast in our mission to restore their people, ministry, and church sanctuary according to God's will.

The church's beautifully restored sanctuary features stunning stained-glass windows, pillars throughout, a soaring ceiling, a large balcony, ornate images throughout, and statues of the four evangelists on the altar.

Volunteers work by the altar to complete restorations.
The sanctuary walkway is covered with tarp as volunteers work to restore the sanctuary

Volunteers working to restore the Sanctuary.

A volunteer works to repair church benches.
Pre-Restoration, the Prince of Peace sanctuary walls are covered with old, peeling paint.

The Prince of Peace Sanctuary prior to its restoration in 2014.

Modern Day

Members of the Cincinnati community gather for a concert to celebrate the success of Prince of Peace's restoration campaign.

The community gathers in celebration of the successful Restoration campaign for a piano concert.

Our restoration campaign has made tremendous strides, revitalizing the grandeur of our iconic steeple, a symbol of hope and unity in our community. However, our journey of renewal is ongoing.


We are excited about the prospect of illuminating the steeple with outdoor lighting, turning it into a radiant beacon for our neighborhood. In the heart of our space is the Koehnken and Grimm pipe organ, a 130-year-old musical masterpiece. This extraordinary instrument awaits critical repairs to restore its melodious voice. Additionally, we envision enhancing the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of our sanctuary with new, elegant carpeting and revitalizing our kitchen with durable, stylish flooring.

Your support is vital to continue this transformative journey. To be a part of this legacy of restoration and renewal, we warmly invite you to contribute to our ongoing efforts. Please consider donating below to help us bring these visions to life.

Support Further Restoration of Our Historic Sanctuary

Prince of Peace's unique pipe organ sits atop the balcony in the sanctuary

A Journey through Time

Step back in time and witness the transformation of our beloved church through these rare photos and documents.

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